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وظائف اليوم

A leading multinational company specialized in the field of Information Technology which is currently starting a huge education project in cooperation with Cairo University is seeking highly qualified to joing its team Operation team as an Operation Coordinator
Job description:
•Handle all types of Operation activities including preparing Courses Materials, Attendance, Complaints…etc for different professional training courses.
•Provide daily reports to the training manager about all operation activities.
•Cooperate with other staff to enhance the operation system
•Graduates from Faculties of Commerce, Information Technology, Law, business administration, are preferred.
•2-5 Years experience In the Training field especially in Operation section.
•Excellent Computer skills (good usage of Ms Office, Outlook, internet…..etc).
•Good command in English is a must.
•Excellent communications skills.
•Operation ability and customer friendly-attitude.
•Ability to work under stress and for long hours on challenging and complex tasks.
please submit your CV to:Jobs_itc_cu@yahoo.com (Please write the code OPR_C in the subject of your E-mail).
Deadline for submission is:15th of December 2011


Violine Pharmaceutical Requires:
1- Supervisors For All Governorates to promote cosmetics line . (Ref #1).
2- Medical Representatives. (Ref #2)
3- Secretary. (Ref #3)

Candidates must has the following:

1- Experience in same positions

2- age not more than 30 years.

3- has time and territory management skills

for company information www.violine-eg.com

send cv to violinehr@yahoo.com


Chinese Company in needed Call Center employees good in English & EXCEL .. prefer live in alex OR anywhere no problem
please send c.v to HR@cooltecheg.com (mention job title in Subject please)


مطلوب محاسب Junior Accountant

Description Junior Accountant will assist in the daily operations of the Financial Management Office and participate with the monthly closings, assist in accounts payable and receivable processing, assist with the preparation of the monthly profit and loss statements, and maintain Balance Sheet schedules and subsidiary ledgers, as well as assist the FMO office with various special projects. . prepare journal entries 2. general ledger operations 3. reconcile and maintain balance sheet accounts 4. assist with monthly closings and preparation of monthly financial statements 5. assist with preparation of monthly financial reports 6. assist with accounts receivable and accounts payable


مطلوب كيميائى Chemist -

-Developing and managing a Safe MFG processes | Maintain Man machine relationship | Ensuring proper implementation for the quality system | Managing monthly production data reconciliation | Achieve targets through effective planning on a monthly basis | Reduce RM losses in MFG area by analyzing RM consumption every month & taking corrective and preventive action | Reduce batch rework percentages | Ensure quality checks is updated through IQA | Daily check for HK and safety measurements | Ensure Online updating of production data registers | Meeting the required plans with the best quality on monthly basis | Reduce rejections, rework as per agreed norms | Conduct training programs for MFG supervisors


مطلوب Accountants محاسبين - الفتح جروب

-Comply and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts such as general ledger accounts, documenting business transactions. ? Install, modify documents and coordinate implementation of accounting system and accounting control procedures. ? Responsible for monthly analysis of AP, suppliers down payments, petty cash, notes payable and prepaid expenses. Responsible for issuing checks on due date. ? Prepare outstanding accounts payable balance ? Comply and sort documents such as invoices and checks, sub staining business transactions. ? Prepare checks, accounts statements, reports and other records and reviews for accuracy. ? Check and approve all vouchers for payments. ? Responsible for transfer accounts payable and general ledger module.


مطلوب customer service representative -خدمة عملاء - حديثى التخرج
-Answer phones and respond to customer requests. Taking care of Services and Processes of Mobiles and connections. Solving customer inquiries to a satisfactory level of their requirements. Provide customers with product and service information. Maintaining quality customer care service. Up sell products and services. Transfer customer calls to appropriate staff. Identify, research, and resolve customer issues using the computer system. Follow-up on customer inquires if not immediately resolved. Research billing issues. Research misapplied payments. Recommend process improvements. Other duties as assigned.


مطلوب Receptionist موظف استقبال - حديثة التخرج

1. Operate telephone switchboard to answer, screen or forward calls, providing information, taking messages. 2. Greet persons entering, establishment, determine nature and purpose of visit and direct or escort them to specific destinations 3. Collect, sort, distribute courier deliveries 4. Can handle the emails and faxes


General Ledger Senior Accountant - وظيفة محاسب

-Preparing & recording of Journal Entries, Reconciling various GL accounts. Preparing schedules Review of Trial balance, Reconciliation of bank & Inter-company accounts, & Provide support on month-end & year end closing activities Preparing of reports that would enable analysis of the accounts & provide the accounting analysis & reports


مطلوب HR Generalist - متخصص اتش ار - متخصص موارد بشرية

-Working in various HR Functions (Recruitment, Training,Succession planning , Performance Appraisal) - Coordination of all HR related duties. - Act as an intermediary between HR Department and other company departments.


مطلوب ضرورى محاسبين ذو خبرة عالية
Additional Skills :Communication & Presentation skills,Hard working,Team Work Preferable and Work under pressure.


we are looking for : Telesales
Additional Skills :Communication & Presentation skills,Hard working,Team Work Preferable and Work under pressure.


مطلوب Interior Designer

- Make furniture plans on AutoCAD - Give Technical Support to the client - Make Proposal offer depend on site engineers plan - Determine the tech Specs - Make BOQs


مطلوب IT Support Engineer مهندس دعم شبكات

-1. Adjust, and calibrate equipment according to specifications. 2. Assemble machines according to specifications, using hand tools, power tools, and measuring devices. 3. Clean and adjust all parts to maintain Equipment operating efficiency and to prevent breakdowns. . Write and determine details of equipment problems. 5. Install and configure new equipment, including operating software and peripheral equipment. 6. Lay cable and hook up electrical connections between machines, power sources, and phone lines. 7. Read specifications such as blueprints, charts, and schematics in order to determine machine settings and adjustments. 8. Test components and circuits of faulty equipment in order to locate defects, using oscilloscopes, signal generators, ammeters, voltmeters, or special diagnostic software programs. 9. Update existing equipment, performing tasks such as installing updated circuit boards or additional memory. 10. Fill machines with toners, inks, or other duplicating fluids. 11. Travel to all Sites or offices to service machines, or to provide emergency repair service.


مطلوب Landscape Engineer مهندس

-1.Use creativity and the beauty of nature to create a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing and functional area. Areas may include personal lawns, parks, highways, walkways, and more. 2.Plan the finished product, tying in new features with current ones, by sketching it to scale. These drawings will be very detailed, down to the window and door placement on the buildings. 3.Perform site analyses that include the assessment of current plants, soil conditions, lighting, the view, and architecture style of the building. 4.Communicate well both with clients and other types of workers (contractors, supervisors, etc) on the landscaping team. 5.Research topics such as plants and their ability to survive in an area. 6.Make public presentations when necessary to discuss the project, complete with charts, sketches, and so forth. .Review plans, proposed changes, and any other necessary documents. 8.Oversee progression of the project to ensure that it is going as planned. 9.Keep records, including everything from correspondence to reports.


مطلوب Business Developer For Construction

- Identifying new markets and business opportunities 2-accountable for gathering data regarding their customers markets 3-develop new and improved methods for marketing products 4-1- Promoting the facility management concept to prospect clients, targeting and generating new leads from different directions; residential and commercial 2- Identifying new markets and business opportunities. 3- Arranging meetings with potential customers to prospect for new business 4- Negotiating the terms of an agreement and closing sales -identify and develop market strategies


مطلوب Construction Project Manager - مدير انشاء مشروع

*Schedule the project in logical steps and budget time required to meet deadline. -Confer with supervisory personnel, owners, contractors, and design professionals to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures, complaints, and construction problems. -Prepare and submit budget estimates and progress and cost tracking reports. -Interpret and explain plans and contract terms to administrative staff, workers, and clients, representing the owner or developer. -Plan, organize, and direct activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of structures, facilities, and systems. -Take actions to deal with the results of delays, bad weather, or emergencies at construction site. -Inspect and review projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes, and other regulations. -Study job specifications to determine appropriate construction methods. -Select, contract, and oversee workers who complete specific pieces of the project, such as painting or plumbing. -Direct and supervise workers. -Determine labor requirements and dispatch workers to construction sites. -Supplemental Requisition supplies and materials to complete construction projects. - Attends project meetings to insure the liaison among all the related parties and maintenance of the schedules and budgets - Monitors project budgets to insure costs do not exceed the funding levels. - Recommends construction means and methods for new construction, remodels, renovations and repairs.


مطلوب Technical Office Engineer - مهندس فنى

-Preparation of project method statements including risk assessment and shop drawings etc Preparation/review (concrete/reinforcement/finishing) based on design drawings Material sourcing (material inquiries based on specifications/ selection and submittal for approval / procurement order preparation) Subcontractor sourcing Project documents weekly reporting

-Ability to work under pressure. • Excellent presentation skills
Gender Any
Other Skills • Self-motivated, dependable and goal oriented. • Dealing with all kinds of people, positions and educational backgrounds is a strong point. • Well equipped for negotiations. • Capable of working in a teamwork environment. • Excellent communication skills. • Ability to work under pressure. • Excellent presentation skills

Experience years: 6 - 9 Years.



مطلوب Designer مصمم

Description Booths designing Engineering drawings Admin Work



مطلوب Software Quality Control Engineer

-- Contribute to raising the efficiency and quality of educational product by detect errors before they occur through a review of the planning of production and thus reduce their costs of re-production. - receive the product from Subversion. - Receive report product standards required from Subversion. - Product Review for compliance with the standards and specifications adopted. - Review of the product to ensure its compliance with the specifications and requirements of the client-based. Conduct audits of various types (System test, regression, integration, performance, ... etc.). - Reporting problems in the product and follow-up resolution. - Preparation and analysis of test reports based on indicators of rates of problems in the reports of the follow-up. - The preparation of delivery of the customer data. - Follow-up customer problems and reports sent from the client. - Follow-up requirements of the client. - Review the analysis and design plans to ensure compliance with the specifications and standards and to ensure application of the product. - Review the stages of production to ensure the application of operations


مطلوب Oracle Application Developer
ديفلبور اوريكل
-Excellent communications, presentations and interpersonal skills * Dynamic, Innovative, Pro-Active and able to handle multi-assignments simultaneously in a Professional manner * Have extensive analytical skills, ability to meet project deadlines.
Gender Male
Compensations two days off medical & social insurance

Experience years: 3 - 5 Years.


مطلوب Graphic Designer - وظيفة مصمم جرافيك

- Create designs, concepts, and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and aesthetic design concepts. Determine size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and select style and size of type. Use computer software to generate new images. Mark up, paste, and assemble final layouts to prepare layouts for printer. Draw and print charts, graphs, illustrations, and other artwork, using computer. Review final layouts and suggest improvements as needed. Confer with clients to discuss and determine layout design. Develop graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and Internet websites. Key information into computer equipment to create layouts for client or supervisor. Prepare illustrations or rough sketches of material, discussing them with clients and/or supervisors and making necessary changes. Study illustrations and photographs to plan presentation of materials, products, or services. Prepare notes and instructions for workers who assemble and prepare final layouts for printing. Develop negatives and prints to produce layout photographs, using negative and print developing equipment and tools. Photograph layouts, using camera, to make layout prints for supervisors or clients. Produce still and animated graphics for on-air and taped portions of television news broadcasts, using electronic video equipment.

-Thinking Creatively -- Developing, designing, or creating new applications, ideas, relationships, systems, or products, including artistic contributions. Interacting With Computers -- Using computers and computer systems (including hardware and software) to program, write software, set up functions, enter data, or process information. Getting Information -- Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources. Making Decisions and Solving Problems -- Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.
Gender Any

Experience years: 3 - 5 Years.



- خبرة من 2 الي 5 سنوات في مجال المحاسبة

- تقدير لا يقل عن جيد

- يفضل سكان منطقه المعادي

- الإلمام بمعايير المحاسبة المحاسبة المصرية وقوانين الضرائب المصرية.

- يفضل من لهم خبرة سابقة في شركات التأجير التمويلي

B.Sc. Commerce

Accounting - Accounting (English Section)

Experience years: 2 - 5 years

Salary: Negotiable L.E - Negotiable L.E

How to apply

* التقديم للوظيفة من خلال صفحة الوظائف بموقع الشركه .. الرابط التالي


مطلوب على وجة السرعة أفراد أمن لشركة اماراتية تصنيف اول

1. يشترط فى المتقدم الا يقل السن عن 22 سنة ولا يزيد عن 35 سنة 2. الطول لا يقل عن 175 سم 3. المؤهل متوسط فما فوق 4. الالمام باللغة الانجليزية 5. يشترط فى جميع المتقدمين خلوهم من فيروس سي وكذا اجتياز الاختبارات الشفهية والتحريرية اثناء انعقاد المقابلات عن طريق اللجنة المشرفة من ادارة الشركة 6. كما يشترط وجود جواز سفر ساري مميكن ( الشكل الجديد ) العرض الوظيفى: • الراتب الاساسى 1000 درهم اماراتى • بدل راحات : 200 درهم • العمل : 12 ساعة يوميا على ورديات • يتم تأمين سكن (مؤثث) ببنايات الشركة تحتوي كل غرفة على 4 اسرة مع الاجهزة المنزلية اللازمة • تؤمن الشركة الانتقالات من والى مواقع العمل • كما تتحمل مصاريف الاقامة داخل الامارات وكذا التأمين الصحى الشامل والعلاج • تؤمن الشركة تذكرة طيران ذهاب وعودة • تؤمن الشركة الزي الرسمى الخاص بها • تنحصر مواقع العمل على الفنادق والبنوك فى امارة دبي فقط • تتوافر فى مواقع العمل مكافأت شهرية خاصة مجزية • مدة العقد سنتان ويحق للمتعاقد نقل الكفالة بعد السنة الاولى ان رغب • مدة الحصول على التاشيرة : 30 يوم من تاريخ اعتماد الموافقة اثناء انعقاد لجنة المقابلات بالقاهرة



we are looking for : Civil Engineer
Additional Skills :Communication & Presentation skills,Hard working,Team Work Preferable and Work under pressure.


مطلوب مهندسين مكتب فنى مدنى

مطلوب مهندسين مكتب فنى مدنى T.O.Eng جميع التخصصات خبرة لا تقل عن 5 سنوات فى نفس المجال، من قاطنى الاسكندرية شرط اساسي.
برجاء كتابة نوع الوظيفة فى خانة الموضوع


we are looking for : مهندس تصميم
Computer Skills : Good in Computer
Additional Skills :Communication & Presentation skills,Hard working,Team Work Preferable and Work under pressure


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