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Yahoo Eliminates Work-From-Home Option, Sparks Intense Debate on Twitter

Seth Fiegerman
Yahoo surprised many in the tech world on Friday with its decision to eliminate the option for employees to work from home.

The move, as described in a company-wide memo leaked to Kara Swisher at AllThingsD, is intended to boost "collaboration and communication" at the Internet company by requiring all employees to physically report to one of Yahoo's locations.

"Some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people, and impromptu team meetings," Jackie Reses, Yahoo's head of HR, wrote in the memo. "Speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home. We need to be one Yahoo!, and that starts with physically being together."

The new rule didn't just frustrate Yahoo employees who were directly affected; it also set off a fair amount of debate and criticism on Twitter from entrepreneurs, tech company employees and journalists who cover the industry.

Not only did the new rule seem to buck the trend in tech workplaces, but it also appeared to go against Yahoo's recent efforts to bring more of the perks common at other tech companies to Yahoo. Under Mayer's leadership, Yahoo has given employees free meals, free iPhone 5s and initiated weekly all-hands meetings.

As it turns out, Yahoo's situation may have been different from that of many other tech companies. Nicholas Carlson at Business Insider hears from a source that there are a "huge number" of remote workers in customer service, marketing and engineering, many of whom "weren't productive." For Mayer, the new rule will either force these workers to work in the office, which the company believes will help productivity, or force them to quit, which will help the company cut costs.

With that in mind, some on Twitter did come out in defense of Mayer and Yahoo:

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Interior Designer

Job Title :Interior Designer
Job Category Designer
Job Type :Full Time
Description An Interior Designer to play a key role in performing professional and technical work involving the efficient design of interiors to encourage maximum space utilization. Key responsibilities include planning, designing, and drafting detailed specifications for creating a pleasing and functional interior environment; supervising major renovations, remodeling and additions; preparing construction documents; meeting with the vendors, suppliers, and contractors to review interior needs with sales representatives to determine who can provide the best service; and preparing proposals for design work, final designs and specifications within budgetary constraints. To qualify for this position, you must possess a Degree in Interior Design/Architecture. You must have experience in office renovations, considerable knowledge of the practices and principles of interior design, skills in designing interior alterations, renovations, and new layouts.
Qualifications :- Presentable. - Good Communication skills. - Able to work under pressure. - (AUTOCAD. - 3DMAX. (is a must))
Education : Fine art or applied art (furniture & interior design department )
Salary (L.E.): Negotiable
Kindly send your cv. attached with a recent picture other wise it will be ignored:

الخميس، 21 فبراير 2013

وظـــــــــــــــــــــــــــائف السعوديه اليوم

For urgent hiring in one of the most Reputable Construction Groups in KSA-Riyadh:

* MEP Manager
• Bachelor Degree in Electrical / Mechanical engineering is A MUST from a well-known Discipline.
• 15 years experience in construction engineering.
• Male only.
• Gulf Experience will be a plus.

* Electrical Manager
• Bachelor Degree in Electrical engineering is A MUST from a well-known Discipline.
• 8-10 years experience in construction engineering.
• Male only.
• Gulf Experience will be a plus.
If you're interested in this position, kindly send me your CV mentioning your Current Job Title in the email's subject line at: 

Best of luck :))
Reem Fouad Recruitment Specialist 
Insight Egypt
One of El- Maaly Group for Recruitment and HR Services
21 Sakhawy St. from Elmakrezy St.-Roxy-Heliopolis-Cairo.
Mobile: +2 01024602867

OMS is now Hiring “Collection Accountant”

OMS is now Hiring “Collection Accountant”

Job Description:

* The duties of a Collections Accountant include collection calls and/or correspondence in a fast paced goal oriented collections department.

* Providing customer service regarding collection issues, process customer refunds, process and review account adjustments, resolve client discrepancies and short payments.

* Responsible for monitoring and maintaining assigned accounts- Customer calls, account adjustments, small balance write off, customer reconciliations and processing credit memos.

* Perform other assigned tasks and duties necessary to support the Accounts Receivable Department.

* Must communicate & follow up effectively with sales dept regarding customer accounts on a timely basis.

* Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with dealers and sales.

N.B. please mention the position your applying for in the subject 

if interested please send your updated CV to jobs@omsme.com

For construction company in KSA

For construction company in KSA ( Riyad ) establish since 1984 looking to hire the following positions :-

1) Mechanical engineer HVAC with experience 10 years 
2) Mechanical engineer plumping with 5 years 
• Bachelor Degree in Civil engineering is A MUST from a well-known Discipline.
• experience in construction engineering.
• Male only.
• Gulf Experience will be a plus
Job description :-
• Prepare and maintain the Materials Submittable Flow Sheet.
• Obtain quotations from suppliers. Evaluate offers and prepare comparative statements.
Whose interested to apply pls send your Cv on s.elnaggar@elmaalygroup.net / s.elnaggar.hr@gmail.com
With mentioning the job title on the mail subject ASAP

وظائف خالية فى هيئة المواد النووية

اعلان وظائف هيئة المواد النووية 
مطلوب تعيين الوظائف التالية 
من خريجى كليات العلوم 
وظائف جريدة الاخبار الثلاثاء 19/2/2013 

اعلان وظائف المعهد العالى للخدمة الاجتماعية بكفر صقر شرقية

مطلوب مدرسين فى التخصصات المختلفة 
وظائف جريدة الجمهورية اليوم الاربعاء 20/2/2013 

وظائف خالية فى محافظة بورسعيد لحملة الماجستير والدكتوراة

اعلان وظائف محافظة بورسعيد لحملة الماجستير والدكتوراة 
وظائف جريدة الاهرام المصرية اليوم الاربعاء 20/2/2013 

الأربعاء، 20 فبراير 2013

وظائف خالية فى نادى هليوليدو الرياضى

وظائف خالية فى نادى هليوليدو الرياضى

اعلان وظائف نادى هليوليدو الرياضى 
مطلوب مراقبى امن ورديات 
عمال نظافة 
وظائف جريدة الاهرام المصرية اليوم الاربعاء 20/2/2013 

وظائف شاغرة من جريدة البيان الاماراتية الاثنين 18/2/2013

شواغر ووظائف صحف الامارات 18 فبراير 2013 
وظائف جريدة البيان الاماراتية الاثنين 18/2/2013 
مطلوب سكرتيرة لمكتب فى البارشا 
مهندس للعمل فى دبى 

وظائف خالية من جريدة الجمهورية المصرية اليوم الاثنين 18/2/2013

خالية ووظائف صحف مصر 18 فبراير 2013
وظائف جريدة الجمهورية المصرية اليوم الاثنين 18/2/2013
اعلان الهيئة القومية للتامين الاجتماعى
صندوق العاملين بقطاع الاعمال العام والخاص
الهيئة العامة للاستعلامات
وظائف هيئة ميناء دمياط

وظائف خالية فى هيئة ميناء دمياط

وزارة النقل 
وظائف هيئة ميناء دمياط 
مطلوب مهندس ميكانيكى ثالث 
فنى بحرى رابع 
بحرى وميكانيكى مساعد 
وظائف جريدة الجمهورية الاثنين 18/2/2013 

الثلاثاء، 19 فبراير 2013

Senior Internal Auditor in Aswan, Egypt

Senior Internal Auditor in Aswan, Egypt
“A Big Company working in finance field needs to hire Senior Internal Auditor to be a part of the growing team with the following criteria:

- Work Location: Aswan, Egypt (Preferably from residents)
- Working Hours: 9-5
- Gender: Male.
- Days off: Friday & Saturday.
- Salary: 5500 L.E. + social & Medical Insurance

Skills Required:
• University degree in accounting, finance, or a related field. And to be successful you must have be ideally qualified (or partly qualified) with certification as a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) or Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).
• Four years progressively responsible experience in performance auditing in one or more of the following fields: Financial/Operational Auditing, and/or external Auditing and/or information systems auditing.
• Thorough knowledge of the accounting principles, procedures, financial records and transactions and of audit procedures.
• Proficiency in the use of computer conducting audit activities.
• Ability to gather, analyze, and evaluate facts and to prepare and present concise oral and written reports.
• Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing, including the ability to interview persons to extract information of a sensitive nature. And Ability to gain the confidence and respect of management and staff through attributes such as professionalism and positive attitude.
• Ability to supervise a group of professional and clerical subordinates and to direct their activities in accomplishing the goals of the Internal Audit Department.
• Willing to travel extensively.
• Excellent working and speaking knowledge of English language.

Job Description:

• Provide guidance, supervision, and assistance to the internal audit staff involved in performing professional-level audit work.
• Ensure that audit address areas of concern relative to the goals, performance objectives, and impact of a variety of economic, financial, and managerial programs in conformance with the foundation’s policies and procedures or sound business practices where no policies exists. Plan and organize the activities of the Internal Audit Department.
• Document all significant procedures of the entity and evaluates their effectiveness, efficiency, compliance with the laws and regulations of the country and the foundation regulations.
• Develop recommendations for bringing programs and operations into compliance with goals and objectives. Prepare comprehensive written reports per case.

Interested applicants are kindly requested to send their CVs with Personal Picture to jobs@bplus-training.com, quoting the job title in the subject.

اوامر الكمبيوتر مهم جدا

عن طريق

يمكنك إدخال هذه الأوامر والاستفادة منها أولا الأمر

عند إدخالك لهذا الأمر ستظهر لك نافذة تبين لك فيها جميع مواصفات الجهاز من نظام تشغيل وسرعة وحجم الرام وحجم كرت الشاشة وكرت الصوت .. يفيدك هذا الأمر عند شرائك لأي لابتوب أو جهاز

ثانيا الأمر

عند إدخاله ستظهر لك نافذة تبين فيها عدد البرامج التي تبدأ عند تشغيل النظام .. ويمكنك إلغاء الغير مهم منها لزيادة سرعة تشغيل الجهاز وهي مفيدة جدا

ثالثا الأمر

سيظهر لك كيبورد على الشاشة عند إدخالك لهذا الأمر وهو يساعدك عند فقدانك لأحد أزرار الكيبورد

الأمر ( winipcfg ) لمعرفة ال ip الخاص بك

الأمر ( regedit ) لفتح شاشة الريجسترى للويندز

الأمر ( calc ) لفتح الآلة الحاسبة

الأمر ( command ) لفتح نافذة الدوس

الأمر ( scandisk ) أو ( scandskw ) الاثنين واحد وطبعا من اسمهم يبين وظيفتهم

الأمر ( taskman ) لمشاهدة كل النوافذ المفتوحة في التاسك بار (شريط المهام) والتحكم فيه

الأمر ( defrag ) باين من اسمه

الأمر ( help ) وممكن بعدF1

الأمر ( temp ) للوصل لملفات النيت المؤقتة

الأمر ( pbrush ) لتشغيل برنامج البينت ( الرسام )ا

الأمر ( cdplayer ) لتشغيل برنامج السي دى بلير

الأمر ( progman ) لفتح البروجرام مانجر

الأمر ( tuneup ) لتشغيل معالج الصيانة للجهاز

الأمر ( debug ) لمعرفة نوع كرت الشاشة

الأمر ( hwinfo /ui ) معلومات عن جهازك وفحصه وعيوبه وتقرير عنه

الأمر ( sysedit ) لفتح السيستم كونفيغريشن ايديتور ( محرر تكوين النظام )ا

الأمر ( packager ) لاستعراض برنامج تغيير الإيقونات

الأمر ( cleanmgr ) لتشغيل برنامج التنظيف

الأمر ( msiexec ) معلومات عن حقوق البرنامج والشركة

الأمر ( imgstart ) لتشغيل اسطوانة ويندوز

الأمر ( sfc ) لإرجاع ملفات dll لو صار لها شي

الأمر ( icwscrpt ) لنسخ ملفات dll

الأمر ( recent ) لفتح الريسنت الخاص بك واستعراض الملفات اللي تم فتحها قبل

الأمر ( mobsync ) لفتح برنامج مهم جدا لتنزيل صفحات النت وتصفحها خارج النت فيما بعد

الأمر ( Tips.txt ) ملف مهم فيه أهم أسرار الويندوز

الأمر ( drwatson ) لفتح برنامج دكتور واطسون لعمل فحص شامل على جهازك

الأمر ( mkcompat ) لتغيير خصائص البرامج

الأمر ( cliconfg ) للمساعدة في شبكة الاتصال

الأمر ( ftp ) لفتح File Transfer Protocol ( بروتوكول نقل الملفات )

الأمر ( telnet ) وهذا تابع أصلا لليونكس وبعدين دخلوه علي الويندوز عشان الاتصال بالسيرفرات
وخدمات الشبكات

هذا الأمر يظهر لك :
إسم الكمبيوتر، نظام التشغيل، لغة نظام التشغيل، نوعه ، نوع الـ BIOS ، المعالج ، الرام ، بالإضافة إلى حجم كرت الشاشة ومواصفات كروت الصوت والشبكة وأجهزة الإدخال والإخراج .
msconfigفتح محرر تكوين النظام
فلنفترض جدلا أن شخصا ما قام باستخدام جهازك من خلال هذا الأمر تستطيع معرفة كل الملفات التي تم فتحها ومشاهدتها من قبله . بس بشرط تدخل عليه قبل ما تسمح له بإستخدام الجهاز وتمسح كامل الملفات الظاهرة .
oobe/msoobe /a

هذا الأمر لمعرفة ما إذا كانت نسخة الوندوز منشطة لديك أم لا .

cmd واضغط موافق بعدها اكتب الأمر ping

لتشخيص مشاكل الإنترنت , ويجب ملاحظة أنه في حال جاء الرد Reply from فلا توجد أي مشكلة وبرتوكول TCP/IP مركب بشكل صحيح ويعمل على الجهاز
وإذا جاء الرد Request timeout فيجب مراجعة إعدادت جهاز الكمبيوتر للإنترنت .


معرفة جهاز الكمبيوتر بشكل مفصل ودقيق ومعرفة بعض المعلومات الصعبة إيجادها بالطرق العادية من خلال هذا الأمر

هذا الأمر لعرض ماتم نسخه في الرام أو الذاكرة المؤقتة .

من خلال هذا الأمر نستطيع التأكد من تعريفات الجهاز الخاصة والتأكد من سلامتها أيضا .


سيقوم الكمبيوتر بفتح مجلد ( قم بحذف جميع الملفات الموجودة بالمجلد ) ثم قم باعادة تشغيل الجهاز ولاحظ الفرق <<< استخدمه بشكل دائم .
ازالة البرامج الضارة بحاسبك

وظــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــائف سبينــــــــــــــــــــيس

وظــــــــــــــــــــائف طلعت مصطفى

Sales Admin (Talaat Mostafa Group) Fresh Graduate 

Choose egypt in the country , and Sales in category then enter search .... you'll find the vacancy in page number 2 - send your updated CV on : hr@tmg.com.eg and mention in the subject ( sales admin)

وظـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــائف اليوم على جنة ايجى

شركة حلايب لانتاج الجبن والالبان والعصائر تطلب توظيف الوظائف الاتية
1/ مندوب مبيعات تجزئة مؤهل فوق متوسط على الاقل – العمر لايتعدى 28 سنة – محدد الموقف من التجنيد – حديث التخرج او خبرة – باجمالى راتب اساسى + عمولات تصل الى 3500 جنيه ( من كل محافظات الجمهورية )
2/مندوب مبيعات جملة مؤهل فوق متوسط على الاقل –العمر لاتعدى 28 سنة –محدد الموقف من التجنيد-حديث التخرج او خبرة –باجمالى راتب اساسى +عمولات تصل الى 3500 (من كل محافظات الجمهورية )
3/ مندوب تسويق ( اناث فقط ) لايشترط خبرة – مؤهل فوق متوسط على الاقل – السن لايزيد عن 26 سنة براتب شهرى يصل الى 1200 جنيه
يفضل من لديه خبرة فى مجال المواد الغذائية
نرجو كتابة الوظيفة المتقدم اليها فى عنوان الايميل
*توفر الشركة فرص للترقى والتدريب وتامينات ورعاية صحية
رجاء فيمن تتوافر فيه الشروط ارسال السيرة الذاتية على :
Hr __halayeb@hotmail.com

تعلن شركة بمساكن شيراتون المطار عن حاجتها لعامل بوفية ونظافة 4 ساعات يوميا اجازة الجمعة بمرتب 400
22696480 - 01116521149 - 01060469122

Graphic designers needed. Good knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. More than 3 years of experience.
Send your CV & a sample of your work to: Ola.sayed@rocketmail.com

D&D Solutions, Co. is seeking for:

1. Graphic & Web designers 2. PHP developers

Please send your CV with samples to: dndsolutionz@gmail.com

Job Description: - Min. 1 year of experience. - Must be self-motivated, manage time effectively and work with minimal supervision. - Report on time and project tasks and status updates in a timely fashion. - Achieve and carry out self-development objectives assigned.

Skills: - Must be excellent and fast in converting PSD files to HTML pages (slicing & coding). - Has a good experience in system analysis. - Excellence experience in PHP. - Experience with CMS PHP frameworks (a key requirement) Design and create good database structures. - Experience in creating usable interfaces and front-end widgets for admin panels. - Excellence experience in JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, CSS, XHTML. - Knowledge of HTML5/CSS3 . - Strong knowledge of web design guidelines and elements. - Make a validate SEO website with W3 validation. - Create graphical designings ready for printing. - Excellency in both written and spoken English language.

Interested candidates kindly send their updated CVs with links to samples of their previous work and mentioning the job title in the subject line and the expected salary to the following email: dndsolutionz@gmail.com

Urgently required for Al Mokhtabar Medical Laboratories Accountant with the following qualifications:
-2 years’ experience in general accounting (balance sheet, closing activities and fixed asset).
-Good English.
-Excellent Computer Skills.

If you are interested, send your CV to hend.zakaria@almokhtabar.com
and mention the job title in the subject field, otherwise your CV will not be considered.

One of our clients (Metal Metal Sheet forming) is looking for (Cash Management Accountant) with this qualification:

Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting.
Designation as a certified Cash Manager or Certified Treasury Professional would be a plus.
Working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and ERP Systems

Requires 3-4 years experience in Finance or Accounting, with a strong background in Treasury.
In-depth knowledge of financial statements and financial statement analysis, including an ability to analyze cash flow and the impact on the financial statements.
Familiarity with on line banking cash management systems.

If you are interested please send your updated CV (word document): cv@cdo-eg.com (please write the job tiltle in subject box) or call us: 24148043 – 01011346080

An Internal Audit Manager is required for an International Company working at medical supply with the following criteria:
• Minimum of 5 - 7 solid years of experience in Audit (external or internal) in senior level.
• Post graduate studies would be preferred
• Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
• Very good English
• Strong analytical skills.
• Direct People Management skills.

If you are interested, kindly send your CV to hr@surgitech.net, with the job title in the subject.

مطلوب مسئول دعم فني
الشروط :
خبرة في صيانه اجهزة الكمبيوتر و الشبكات
ضرورة ان يكون المرشح مقيم في مدينه الاسماعيليه
برجاء كتابه اسم الوظيفه و الاقامه في موضوع الرساله في حاله عدم ذكر البيانات السابقه سوف يتم استبعاد الرساله
علي البريد التالي : Careers.mdee@gmail.com

URGENTLY required for an International Furniture Company for its new branch in Egypt

• Bachelor’s degree in engineering / MBA degree preferred
• +10 years experience in related field.
• Car owner is a must.
** PRIORITY will be for candidates with similar experience in the following factories :
Hafele ,Blum ,Grass or Borma.

Interested candidates kindly send your updated CV with the job title to ad@rp-jobs.com

Title : Technical Affairs Manager
Experience : 15+ years
Location : Giza, Haram

Required Skills :

- Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

Job Skills:

•Communication Skills
•Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
•Time Management Skills (meeting agreed due date).
•Ability to work well through others.
•Ability to work under pressure and tight schedule

Computer Skills: Excellent

Language Skills: English Language

Job Description And Responsibilities :

•Set a time plan for each task required from reporting departments.
•Coordinate between different departments to enhance the efficiency and minimize the time
•Visibility study for any new project.
•Cost control: for equipments and vehicles.
• Follow up the ISO procedures and forms.
•Contracts: studying the contracts and detect the weak points. To get better terms and conditions.
•Follow-up design engineers in executing shop drawings & the project.
•Review the execution erection drawings being prepared by the Technical Office Engineer for some projects.
•Follow-up the execution of detailed drawings of some of the company's projects.
•Manage the creation of a system to keep the engineering drawings.
•Supervise the study of the possibility of executing projects using the company's products of concrete buildings and pre-cast concrete ceilings.
•Develop the Quality System and ensure its implementation
•Follow upon the education of all Employees on the company’s Quality System requirements.
•Ensure that the Quality Management System is applied with a high efficiency and responsible for establishment of instructions and determine responsibilities that concentrate on compliance with international standard ((ISO 9001-2008-BS-ASTM)
•Supervise the Development of the quality standard as per the Corrective Actions of the Quality Management System Internal Audit or any other sources.
•Supervise the Evaluation the Preventive Actions and ensure the possibility of implementation and ensure its application
•Monitor Quality System that is used in the departments/projects Document Control
•Manage the Preparation of follow-up report and its conformity with the time schedule. .
•Manage the follow-up drawings amendments during the implementation process.
•Review the preparation of the technical support offer in the tender documents (Catalogs – Technical Data). |
•Review the engineering drawings in accordance with the client's conditions.
•Supervise the employee performance and follow-up the monthly and periodic reports, monitoring and evaluation of their work and coordination among them.

Apply @ http://career4ume.com/en/Egypt/job/2088/engineering-engineering-technical-affairs-manager/ .. or Send your CV to : careers@career4ume.com

شركة الخليج الدوليةتطلب للعمل فى دبى بمرتبات مجزية التخصصات التالية:
-مندوبات خدمة عملاء
-مندوبين خدمة عملاء
وفقا للشروط الاتية:-
العمر من 21-30 سنة
مؤهل عالى
اجادة اللغة الانجليزية
خبرة فى مجال خدمة العملاء
يرجى من تتوافر فيهم الشروط اعلاه
ارسال السيرة الذاتية مع صورة شخصية على الاميل التالى: employer@gicorec.net

One of client is looking for male Mechanical Engineer with this qualification: (BENHA)

Graduation : B.SC In Production engineering mechanical design

-Experience : min 3 years

-Language : v .good command of English

-District : in Banha ( our Factory )


Master Cam
CMM ( coordinate measuring machine)
Catia Cam
Cad Cam
Alpha Cam
Deal with CNC Machines ( computer numerical control)
Auto Cad 2D , 3D – 3D MAX

- Job Desc.
-Find alternative solutions to engineering failures.
-Modifying the design of parts to avoid damages.
-Designing accounts for damaged parts to be recycled (Pulley& gears( spur- helical- bevel- worm)&columns & joints...).
-Making the technological sequence for manufacturing parts (process sheet).
-Design special equipment to facilitate and increase the accuracy of operations.
-Programming & operating (TURNING & MILLING) CNC machines.
-Planning workshops & the identification of places of production machinery and raw materials and Flow stations
-Develop operational plans for the machines and tables download
-Monitor and measure the efficiency of design and analysis of the results of monitoring and evaluation report as input for the operations management reviews.
-Full mastery of the programs of engineering drawing and computer design.
- Experience In CNC Machines As (Press Break – Shearing – Press – Welding – punching – Plasma – Wire Cutting – Turning – Milling - Injection – Extrusion ) .

If you are interested please send your updated CV (word document): cv@cdo-eg.com (please write the job title in subject box) or call us: 24148043 – 01011346080

HR Operation section head - (Beni Sweif)

We are an owned joint stock company, was established early 1991 to market all types of sanitary products and related accessories. We became a pioneer & market leader in manufacturing pipes and fittings for water supply and drainage, in several plastic materials (Polypropylene, PVC, and Polyethylene); which positions the company in the construction value chain as a construction material supplier and manufacturer. hiring the following position

Title: HR Operations Section Head - (Beni Sweif )
Act as a liaise between Human Resources Department & The plant. Control & implement all HR policies & procedures at the plant 
• Implement HR policies 
• Handle& coordinate Plant recruitment 
• Monitor & control out sourcing Contractors 
• Sending Renewals & Terminations report to the HR Manager 
• Control staff attendance, leaves, unexcused absenteeism and taking action in case of any violation to the company's rules.
• Administrate the grievance system.
• Coordinate training held at the plant
• Supervise all personnel functions (vacation balance report – sick leave – insurance sheets s1, s6)
• Respond to all employees inquiries concerning HR issues.
• Handle plant employees Medical Insurance
• Handle employee's compensation & benefits inquires.
• Maintain efficient reporting system to HR Manager 
Job Specification:
• B.sc degree, HR certificate is a plus
• Min 5 years' experience with 2 years as a generalist, payroll & personnel experience 
• V.good knowledge for Labor Law
• V. good English
• V. good in Microsoft office specially Excel advanced level 
Anyone who is interested in the above position is kindly requested to send resume to the following email address: hiringegypt2013@gmail.com

Raya Contact Center is hiring Call Center Representatives. Location: 6th of October, Maadi and Abasseya, if you are interested, please send your CV to recruitment_rcc@rayacorp.com

Needed for international company located in 6th of October Administrator Customer Coordinator must have experience in export/customer service/transport fields

Job Title : Administrator Customer Coordinator
Reporting to: Head Customer Care EG
Education: commercial background
Job Location: 6th of October
Experience: export/customer service/transport
Skills: German/English (any other language is an advantage), computer skills SAP, MS Word, Excel, Lotus Notes)
Job Duties: Processing of domestic and export orders, order-entry, change management & dispatch Supervision of the supply chain in order that the shipments leave the factory on time Disposition and organization of the transports, by truck, sea and air and establishment of the relevant documentation In-/ external communication and clarifications with sales, pricing, planning, distribution, quality-control, customs, forwarding-agents Preparing and legalization of certificates and documents (chamber of commerce etc.), where applicable Handling of customer complaints

Job Contact: mohanad_omar87@hotmail.com . Note : Kindly write in the subject line Administrator Customer coordinator

Online And Telesales Executive is required for Optimal Technology Solutions.

OTS is a business platform for digital communication services operating in the MENA region based on four business lines (Messaging, Business Solutions, Mobile Apps and Digital Media).
The main responsibility of the job is:

• Sell, cross and up sell products to potential customers.
• Maximize opportunity of call by either selling products to customer, making
• Appointment for recall or transfer calls when call is not sales related.
• Prepare customer for installation of products sold.
• Interact regularly with other departments to assure full understanding of sales Process
• Create correct logging of customer contact and customer orders.
• Maintain records of customers in their database or files.
• Handle customer questions or problems.
• Need to look up certain customers to send out company profile or promotional letters.
• Need to overcome certain objections from customers, including high prices or favoritism toward a competitive product.
• Need to write sales reports for his/her manager or record sales on CRM.
• Supporting sales team as a telemarketer or sales support when needed.
• Answer telephone calls from potential customers who have been solicited through advertisements.
• Performing day-to-day administrative tasks such as: maintaining information files, maintaining records & reports on CRM fill out business forms or processing orders for merchandises.

General requirements:

• 1 to 2 years experience required in the telesales industry
• V. Good English

If you are interested, Kindly send your CV on jobs@otsdc.com, mentioning in the job title "Telesales".

El Shaheen Group has opened a new jobs vacancy for Obour Branch (mechanical engineering-sales executive - accountant –marketing executive-admin assistance-purchasing-HR)
-Fresh graduated
-Good Computer Skills
-Good Command in English Language
-University degree

Please send the C.V to hr@elshaheengroup.com
Note: there is transportation available for the employee

Adminstration Assistant to Deputy Chairman

Jobs Inside Egypt and news paper Ad Location: Beni Suef , EGYPT  Field: Textile / Garments

وظائف المجلس الاعلى للشئون الاسلامية - مصر

يعلن المجلس الاعلى للشئون الاسلامية

عن وظائف خالية لحمله الماجستير والدكتوراه

عن حاجته لشغل عدد ( 20 ) وظيفة من الدرجة الثالثة التخصصية من حملة الماجستير والدكتوراه فقط

وفقا للقانون 47 لسنة 1974 فى التخصصات التى تمنحها الجامعات المصرية وما يعادلها

1- كلية اصول الدين : تخصص ( تفسير وعلوم قرأن - حديث -عقيدة - - دعوة - فلسفة )

2- كلية الشريعة : تخصص ( فقه مقارن - فقه عام - اصول الفقه - سياسة شريعة )

3- كلية اللغة العربية : تخصص ( علم اللغة )

4- كلية دار العلوم : تخصص ( تفسير وعلوم قرأن -حديث - فلسفه اسلاميه - اصول فقه- علم اللغة - تاريخ اسلامى -أدب وبلاغه - نقد ادبى - لغة فارسية - لغة عبرية )

5- كلية الاداب : تخصص ( وئاثق ومكتبات - - لغات - تاريخ )

6- كلية الالسن ولغات وترجمة : تخصص ( لغات انجليزى - فرنسى - المانى - روسى )

7- كلية الهندسة وحاسبات ومعلومات : ( تخصصات الحاسب الالى - برمجه وصيانة )

ويتم الحصول على كافة التفاصيل والنموذج طلب الوظيفة من ادارة شئون العاملين بالمجلس الاعلى للشئون الاسلامية

وتقدم الطلبات باليد مرفقاً بها صور المستندات الاتية ( شهادة الميلاد - بطاقة الرقم القومى - المعاملة العسكرية - المؤهل ( الماجستير او الدكتوراه ) -او صورة من المعادله للدرجة العلمية من المجلس الاعلى للجامعات فى حاله عدم حصوله على الدرجة العلمية من احدى الجامعات الحكومية )

وذلك خلال 15 يوم من تاريخ نشر الاعلان ( 17/02/2013 )

مقر المجلس : ( القاهرة - 9 شارع النباتات - جاردن سيتى )

ايميلات ال HR فى معرض توظيف الغرفه التجاريه الامريكيه

دى كل ايميلات ال HR اللى كانت موجوده فى معرض توظيف الغرفه التجاريه الامريكيه
Dear All Please find here the participating Companies for “The 8th Annual Employment & Professional Development Fair for Middle Management” with their contact info:
ABC Bank
Al Ahram Beverages Company
Al-Mansour Automotive
Al Rowad Group
American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AmCham)
Arab Investment Bank
Asfour Crystal
Centro Global Solutions
EG Medical Systems
El Mohandess press
Geniprocess International
General Motors
Juhayna Food Industries Co.
summer.internship@leoni.com – 3th @ 4th year students
Nuqul Group –Fine
Raya Holding
Youssef Allam& Co.